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As a leader in the staffing industry

As a leader in the staffing industry, Handssys has vast experience in servicing Fortune 500 and mid-size customers. We pride ourselves in providing not only the highest quality talent but also the best customer experience. As a widely recognized staffing firm, Handssys offers flexible and practical staffing solutions that help you address your staffing needs and achieve your business goals.

Permanent / Temporary Staffing

We employ rigorous selection techniques to unearth evidence of candidates' achievements - what they excel at – and also probe deeper to fully understand their characters and motivations. Then we present you with only the talent that truly matches your needs.

Not only does Handssys offer world-class CMMS Solutions, we also have an excellent support staff who is ready to help you learn the software as quickly and painlessly as possible!A successful CMMS implementation requires trained users. Well-trained employees ensure our Proteus solutions are successful and your organization starts reaping the benefits of a CMMS immediately.

While Proteus is intuitive to use, our training takes into account your existing processes and procedures, minimizing the overall impact on your organization.

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