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Handssys is an innovative supplier of aero structure assemblies, kits and components; design engineering and overhaul services to civil and defense aerospace markets. Our expertise spans every stage of the aircraft lifecycle, providing the experience to develop smarter, longer lasting solutions.

Manufacturers have a big job. Various machines, multiple buildings, labor and inventory add to innumerable tasks and costs of plant management. Supply and demand combined with emergency maintenance and poor management and can cause a very big headache when it is not addressed properly. Sometimes plant managers do not even know about the potential time and cost savings that is available to them through Handssys Technology’s suite of Proteus CMMS software. Proteus CMMS software takes on the biggest problems in manufacturing by providing an easy and effective way to streamline operations, which leads to better management, a reduction in downtime, and significant cost savings.

Handssys offers a full suite of complex metallic, metal bond and composite manufacturing and assembly services including: system integrated assemblies and kitting; program and supply chain management; design for manufacturing & assembly expertise; machining and sheet metal fabrication; advanced metal bonding processes; and NADCAP-approved special processes.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Energy Use
  • Big Data
  • Labor
  • Overall Cost Reduction

Preventive Maintenance

Handssys Technology often places emphasis on preventive maintenance because it makes machine management a lot more efficient and gives managers better control over their maintenance expenses. By putting machines on a regular preventive maintenance schedule, the machines operate at peak condition and break down less. Over time, manufacturers see their maintenance costs and downtime decrease.


In addition to preventive maintenance, the inventory management component of HandssysProteus CMMS software adds value to better management practices. Inventory is categorized and organized so workers are aware of what is available and what is not. By organizing and tracking inventory, parts are also easily tracked and costs are better managed.

Energy Use

Reduce energy use and the associated costs using the asset management feature of CMMS software. Any valuable asset such as HVAC systems, electricity, plumbing systems, and anything else that can be better managed with CMMS software will reveal the patterns and problem areas of energy use. Handssys CMMS software also integrates with Building Automation Systems.

Big Data

Collecting data is a powerful way to see how operations are truly functioning in manufacturing plans. Managers benefit by analyzing the data and pinpointing issues which need improvement and overall make better decisions. The data can also be captured in real-time so that devices and machines can be followed or send alerts.


EasilyEasily manage the work crew with automated work orders. Scheduling and tracking employee activities with Proteus CMMS software eliminates overlapping, reduces labor costs and increases productivity.

Overall Cost Reduction

Improve gross margins by using CMMS software. Rather than having the sales department scramble to make up for increasing manufacturing costs, apply best-practices in manufacturing management using CMMS software. Depending on the length of time that CMMS software is used and the depth at which it is used, best-practices can shave of tens of thousands of dollars each year and relieve expenditures.

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